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Yes we write, what about it?

Booze Reviews Rant – Ripping people off at beer fests!

OK, I think I have have been a reviewer for some time now where I can see and say that there are some people that take advantage of the consumers at beer fests! I have ONE place in particular that I'm calling out today! Minhas Brewing!   I have been trying to keep my calm…
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Brewery Tours 2016 – Tool Shed Brewery

Hey Boozers, hope your weekend was as eventful as mine! This weekend I got a chance to go to Tool Shed Brewery, and I have to say it was LONG over due. HOWEVER before I start I have to say sorry to Graham! A little bit ago when the NDP decided to up taxes and…
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Beer Review – Phillips Brewing Sax in the Dark – 5.0% ABV.

Hey Boozers, first of I like to apologize to Jeff, the Southern Alberta rep for Phillips, I thought I did this review a while ago and it appears that I didn't, so here I am going through my notes and doing up this review now (thankfully my notes did get transferred over when I swapped…
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Beer Review – The Muse & The Golden Promice – 6.5% ABV.

Hello boozers and welcome to what I like to say a very peaceful looking beer! Now for anyone to has had Cannery Brewery beers knows that they have a "standard" when it comes to their labels.  So when I saw this beer on the counter of Craft Cellars it really caught my eye.  However lets…
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