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Yes we write, what about it?

Back From Edmonton!

Just a quick update! Hey Boozers, well I am back from my weekend trip to Edmonton and I learned a lot, or drank a lot, I think both! I have a lot to cover and I would love to and it will happen all in due time.  For now I’m just getting a video rendered…
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Booze Reviews – Mill Street’s Lemon Tea Beer

Well here we are and it is March and the snow is still falling.  Yes it is typical for snow to fall in Alberta until May, however every now and then I need to find the beer to remind me that summer and warm weather is right around the corner.   This is totally the…
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Oranje Weisse from Amsterdam Brewing 5% ABV.

Booze Reviews: Oranje Weisse from Amsterdam Brewing 5% ABV. Good Evening Boozers. You know when it is cold outside and snow is all around you don’t expect to see a Summer beer on the shelves.  However when you find that summer beer, it is nice to have to take you away from all the white…
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