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Yes we write, what about it?

Beer Fests in Alberta

Did you know that Alberta has some great beer fests? In fact the Alberta Beerfest Association has six events it puts on throughout the year and they range from small events to very large events, so there is something there for everyone. The smaller events that happen usually have a lot of local Albertian breweries,…
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Brewery Tour – Cold Garden Brewery

Hey Boozers how are you doing? Are you surviving the cold weather? How about the snow?  Did you miss all of this when we didn’t get this last year? I know I didn’t! However, that’s enough of the weather talk let’s talk about a brewery tour I went to! On Saturday, I went to Cold…
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Booze Reviews – Pub review – Brewster’s in Lake Bonavista

Hey Boozers, so there are days where I’m shocked by things I hear, and the other day was one of them. I got an email from the Director of sales for Brewsters, and in our conversation, we got talking about locations and asked a question about me having to go to one of Brewsters locations,…
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Booze Reviews Brewery Tour – Trolley 5, Calgary Alberta

Burger, fries, and the Pumpkin Beer Great combo! So over the last few months when Trolley 5 opened I have been saying I really must go for a tour, and I keep putting it off and keep putting it off and one thing lead to another and the leaves started to change colour and I…
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