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Oranje Weisse from Amsterdam Brewing 5% ABV.

Booze Reviews: Oranje Weisse from Amsterdam Brewing 5% ABV. Good Evening Boozers. You know when it is cold outside and snow is all around you don’t expect to see a Summer beer on the shelves.  However when you find that summer beer, it is nice to have to take you away from all the white…
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Episode 53: Delirium Tremens & Belgium is drinking Delirium Tremens and talking about Belgium and we’ve got the intern along for the ride. I just went to Belgium so now I get to boast about how amazing it is. For a beer nerd, it really is the beer mecca you think it is. Check the postcast out HERE

Episode 52: Favourite Albums of 2013 & Surly

2013 was an incredible year for music, but somehow we each managed to narrow it down to our top five. Luckily this is one of our favourite episodes of the year to record, because we had to re-record most of it due to some technical difficulties. On the first recording, we drank Surly Coffee Bender,…
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Booze reviews: Big Rock’s Fowl Mouth

Booze reviews: Big Rock’s Fowl Mouth Hello and welcome to another Booze Review! Today we another Big Rock beer for you! This one is first of the New Year and new labeling has an interesting quality to it! The Fowl Mouth Extra Special Bitter is a 5.5% beer that well doesn’t seem like a bitter…
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