Booze Reviews

What is Booze Reiviews to us?

Booze Reivews is a show that was formerly started Feb 2012 when Painkiller and Johnny Oldschools better half decided to watch the Oscars.  PK and Johnny then decided to go downstairs and record themselves doing a beer review.  What happened next was the start of a great relationship, where they now get together and review beers that they find interesting.


This site now also features the fact that they are able to expand on that and have more people come and join them in the quest for the perfect beer, well at least tell others what they think is the perfect beer.  Join the Boozereviews.ca crew every step of the way as they bring you the beer they find they can drink and which ones that will hit the drain.

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What you will find here

You will find a great variety of things from Craft beer reviews to even eventually cooking with booze.  We will hopefully not stop at one set thing of booze.  Here is to hoping you will find videos blogs and even podcasts of reviews for you to enjoy.  We will do our best to keep the daily product going so that you can keep coming back and seeing something new every day.