Booze Reviews – Pub review – Brewster’s in Lake Bonavista

Hey Boozers, so there are days where I’m shocked by things I hear, and the other day was one of them.

I got an email from the Director of sales for Brewsters, and in our conversation, we got talking about locations and asked a question about me having to go to one of Brewsters locations,  I told him the only place that I was close to me was the 52nd St. location of their brewpubs.  He emailed me back and told me that there was one closer to me in Lake Bonavista, which I never knew existed, however the real shocking part was he told me it’s been there for 24 YEARS!  Yup, I didn’t know that there was a Brewsters pub that close to me in the 16 years I have been living in the south end of Calgary! So of course, I had to go there and check it out!

Now I have toured their actual Brewery, at the 52nd St location, but this was the first time being in one of the remote locations they have (Beer Revolution doesn’t count in my books) so going there I learned a few things.  I’ve driven by this place many times in the years I have been there, there is a Safeway in that strip mall, there are a lot of things there including the entrance to the community lake. Enough of that though, When I finally found the place it is tucked in the back of the strip mall and there is a sign there but it is a little hidden, you go inside and you see that it is one of the few locations that have recently renovated, and boy did they do a wonderful job on that.  It is so very well updated that it feels comfortable to walk in there and enjoy some food and a drink or two.

I sat myself down along the side with the bench seating and didn’t have to wait long before I was asked if there was anything I wanted to drink, well I know my drink of choice sits at 11.8% but that is not something I’d want to drink unless I’m at home knowing I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I enjoyed my second favorite drink from them, the Coconut Porter, and since they changed the recipe it has been really a great drink to have, I also ordered the Chicken fingers with the with Hammerhead beer mustard and the house salad.  The Food came quickly and I must say I really enjoyed my meal, the salad was awesome, there was enough dip for the fingers AND the carrot sticks I got, and that usually never happens!

The staff there were good and I know I never got asked how my meal was, but it was understandable as the waitress I had was also cleaning the light shades so she was trying to get that done and serve and help people at the same time.  The one small complaint I had was I wasn’t asked what size of beer I wanted (that I recall) and when I got my bill I realized I was given a 20 oz beer that cost me almost 8.00, I usually go for the 16 ozs but as well I should have asked for the 16 oz beer, but I wasn’t sure if they had any until looking closer at the menu while doing up this article.

Over all my experience there was great, and I will be going back again, I also got to meet the manager of the location and she was very nice to me and explained that they have really vamped up the place with the renos (I will be taking more pictures when I go back) words really don’t do it justice at all.

I do suggest though if you do go that if you are having a drink or two be prepared, like most places now, to pay a bit more for your beers.  I honestly figured that if it was their pub they might keep the price of the beers quite a bit lower than other pubs, not saying they aren’t, but they are up there in price however the off sales are the best way to save on the price of the beers, and to enjoy them at your own leisure, you can get a six pack of beers or a Growler and fill for less than the price of two 20 oz beers in the restaurant. That being said, it is still nice to sit down in there have a beer, and some food, and just feel at home, who knows you may see me there doing the same thing.

For now, I’m PK saying Stay Frosty and Cheers!

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