Ripping off Customers – 4 ozs at a time!


If you haven’t seen by now I hate when people rip of the public! Earlier in the year you saw it when I went and made an article about Minhas ripping people off at Beerfests, now it has come to light that now the newly opened Rogers Place, in Edmonton Alberta, is ripping people off as well.

A video which is going viral quickly has Rogers Place pouring glasses of beer that is in a 20 oz glass.  Why is this a bad thing?  Well look for yourself.

Now Here is the thing, there has been some arguments back and forth stating that “The last 4 oz. are the head that you get in the beer” Naa don’t buy that Even if the head was 2 fingers tall you only have another ounce or ounce and a half at the most, you are still missing a bit.  As well a lot of the beers at arenas are made so that there is little to no foam so that you do get as much as you can from the beer.

So lets break this down shall we?  IF you are missing out on 4 oz on your beer because they are telling you that for 20 oz your beer is going to be 11.50 Canadian, you are being ripped off .575 cents per ounce that is not being poured into your glass, so four ounces of non poured beer you are paying $2.30 for air… 4 liquid ounces of AIR! Which means the arena just pocked 2.30 of your money while you are missing 4 ounces of beer.

Lets get a little deeper now.  So per beer they are making $2.30, on average people get two to four beers per game, lets say the arena sold 40,000 beers in a night (and yes it can happen if you have a sold our crowd of 18,641 at the game and the majority of the people bought around 4 beers each, the arena would pocketed $92,000 in air… or unused ounces of beer because they are only pouring 16 ounces!  To go further (and yes I know this pretty much is far-fetched because it is the Oilers and we know they aren’t doing so well for attendance, or the way they play in the last few years) if they sold out every game (41 games) and they kept pocketing $92,000 in beer for the 41 games, they will pocket $3,772,000 in 4 oz. of beer they didn’t give you, FOR A MACRO BEER! If they make a full playoff run you can add at least another $1.5 MILLION dollars to that total because a lot more beer gets sold during the playoff runs.

That is on top of a 200.00 per person ticket you spend plus parking, plus food.  You might as well hand over your wallet to them and tell them to just take whatever you own!

This total does NOT include concerts, WHL, or other things that will be hosted at the arena where you get a beer.  This is really NOT acceptable what so ever!

This is the type of thing that bugs me, this is why I will only buy water at a game which is still 3.50 a bottle, but I rather have a few pre game drinks than spend that much on a beer at a hockey venue.  However a lot of people will pay that price and not care.  However do you care that you are not getting the amount you are told you are supposed to be?  Well you should!

That is why in places like Vancouver you have the CAMRA Vancouver that monitors this to make sure you are getting the amount of beer you pay for, FOAM not included in that amount! At least that is what I was told by Mike from Mike’s Craft Beer and he knows the ins and outs of beer in BC for sure!

I think Alberta and other areas really need to crack down on this, and I think we the consumers really need to watch what we get and what we pay for. I mean do you remember when we used to get a 65 Gram chocolate bar for .95 cents… now.. you’d be lucky to see you get a 50 Gram chocolate bar for $1.50, Yes price of inflation is there, but do you remember when they started to make them smaller?  I sure don’t.

I would love to hear from the Edmonton Oilers about this to see what they say, even the Calgary Flames apparently is filling it to a certain part of the cup, but is it to the area that they say that you are paying for?  Maybe I should go have a peek to see?

This, this is how the major teams can support paying their players and the arenas they play in… finding ways to cut the corners for the consumers, and over charging for certain things. However, the bigger deal here is the false advertising they are promoting by not giving you the full 20 oz in a beer like they promised for almost $12.00.

Let me know if you find out if they are ripping you off in your neck of the woods, maybe more voices speaking out really can do something if we all said something!

For anyone who feels they have been short changed or ripped off you can file a complaint here:

Saw for the beer rules is the following:

Before submitting your complaint, consider the following:

  • A pint contains 20 fl oz (568 ml) in Canada.
  • The limit of error for 20 fl oz is 0.5 fl oz (the foam (head) is not included in the measurement).
  • When a quantity other than a pint is advertised, the quantity served must be must be equal to the stated quantity within the limit of error.

For now I’m PK saying Cheers, Stay Frosty, and I’ll talk to you real soon!


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  1. Unfortunatly in Canada the Weights and Measurements Act has no balls when it comes to proper serving size of beer. They are very integral to ensuring other measurements are right on in things such as gas pumps. We as a country of citizens need to write letters to our MP's and to other governing bodies in large numbers as Camra Vancouver has lobbied. The only way to stop the financial injustice of this underpouring is to get vocal. Camra Vancouver has been fighting for the consumer in their F.U.S.S (Fess Up to Serving Sizes) for many years now to mixed success and mixed tactics that have gone over differently. They have been integral in ensuring the best craft beer locations here in Vancouver state the correct serving sizes and costs on their menus but there is still so many issues. Most bars and event venues still actively rip consumers off on a daily basis with many staff having no idea they are doing it as they have absolutly no training in pour sizes and volumes of said sizes. Here is a link to what Camra Vancouver has been doing.

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