Brewmaster Dinner – Stanley Park Brewing at the Barcelona Tavern


You know there are things that I really love.  Food and Beer, and sleep. However when you get invited to come out to check out a Brew masters dinner and beer paring you really cant say no.

This is what happened the other night when I got invited to Stanley Park Brewing's dinner paring at The Barcelona Tavern, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all!

Due to family obligations I missed the first two courses but I got there for the last three and that was awesome!  So lets dive right in to the parings I did have shall we?

Second Course:


Description: Shrimp and Grits (Smoked Paprika Prawns, Corn Succotash, Chorizo Polenta, Manchego) Paired with the flagship beer 1897 Amber (Medium amber brown; subtle toasted malt, lightly hopped, exceptionally clean finish)


Ok so I walk up there and they seat me just as this course is being dished out, and I have to say seeing this was amazing! Now the way that both complemented each other was almost breath taking... and I wish I was there for the first couple of pairings because this was top notch! the shrimp and grits was just mouthwatering good and when you took a sip of the Amber it just elevated both the food and the beer to a new level, it was something that you wouldn't expect from food like this, but it just went hand in hand. After having this and seeing what was next... I ate this up as quickly as I could so that I could have:

Third Course:



Description: BBQ Short Ribs (Sous Vide AA Alberta Short Rib, Cherry Port jus, Chanterelles, English Pea Risotto) paired with Foghorn India Brown Ale (Mahogany with Ruby undertones; crisp hop character, smooth and well balanced)


Ok when I think BBQ Short Ribs I think I'm going to get messy! I love BBQ meat... and Ribs I know I get messy for sure! However, this was boneless and it was more of a slab of beef than a rib, however it was still so tender and perfectly cooked! They "marinade" the beef for 24 hours in a bag with the port jus. Then bring it out and cook it and wow it was just so flavorful, and the Risotto with it was amazing! Then came the beer, the brown ale has the perfect amount of sweetness with it that it just added to the flavor of the beef and risotto.  I have to say they were two for two for pairings and it was worth the price just for these two meals alone.  We did have one more to go and that was where I was losing my stuff because it had peaches and I wanted that badly.

Fourth and Final Course:


Description: Peaches & Cream Churros (Vanilla Custard, Peaches, Thyme Sugar Dusted Churros) Paired with Sun Setter Summer Ale (Sunset Golden colour; Refreshing, session-able, ripe peaches and bold citrus aromas)


If any one knows me.. they know I LOVE peaches! I am a HUGE peach fan! so seeing this I was all over it! I had to have the peaches, and I wasn't disappointed, the desert had the flavors of fresh peaches! The beer .. well that was a tricky one, as the nose is so different than the actual taste! Not saying that is a bad thing but you get more of the fruit on the nose than you do in the taste.  However when you breath in while you are drinking it, it isn't as bad.

After it the dinner was over with they had some casks off to the side. I managed to have the Raspberry Brown Ale that one of the folks at Labatts grabbed for me while we chatted (YES I know... I'll explain in a future Vlog) It was quite good, a bit sour but still had the raspberry taste I grew up to love while living in Victoria BC.


Honestly this was awesome, seeing Stanley Park come to Calgary and Alberta to bring more of their product in the Province is great, they do have a tough market so I do wish them well, but some of the BCites that live here know and love some of the beers will be happy that they are really trying to make a name here.

Over all I wanted to thank everyone at Stanley Park Brewery for inviting me out, I had a blast.  I got to talk to Matt, one of the brewers about their beer, the Jeremy the brand manager of Stanley park and one of the right hand mans of Labatts (Sorry I'm horrible remembering names) and to the Barcelona Tavern for making such awesome food, WOW I wanted more but it was so exquisite that I just had to go with what I had, it felt like a great VIP experience for sure!

If you ever get a chance to drop some coin on a Brewmasters dinner that you want to go to.. do it, they really do what they can to make it such a great experience.  This one was my second one and I cant wait to do more of them!

For now I'm PK saying Cheers and Stay Frosty!


Stanley Park Brewery Website:

Barcelona Tavern:



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  1. The beef dish looked to die for!
    • OH .. it was... I wanted to savor every bite... SO tender and awesome! Cheers!

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