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That's right now you don't have to leave the party to get more booze, or have to leave your house to get booze, now all you have to do is pick up your phone, push on the drizly app, choose your booze then wait for them to show up (if you are in the selected area at this point in time).  You can pay right from the app, tip the driver, and only have a minimum of 20.00 plus a 5.00 delivery fee and you get booze to the door.  They shop for you and bring it to your door! It is that easy!

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So.. why did I call it Dial-A-Bottle 2.0, well where I lived there was a service back in the day called Dial-a-Bottle where they did JUST that, you phone them up place your order and wait for them to show up on your doorstep (yeah.. I'm that old)

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The launch date for this app in the Calgary area is today (Aug 25th) and I tested it out and so far "It is not Available in my area" (Tested this on their app and the website with two different addresses and I did go through their press release, and it looks like both locations I looked from... are not available yet: https://drizly.com/delivery_maps/calgary  which sucks, but they have to start somewhere!)  so at press time I was unable to make an account to fully test this out.  Now being BRAND NEW, I wouldn't expect it to be in my area, however, one person downtown was able to get something from them yesterday but I'm not sure if that was just a promotional thing they had with a fellow blogger or not. Hard part is I live in the deep south so a lot of time I am out of any delivery area... however, they are partnered with Liquor Depot in both Edmonton and Calgary, and we have enough of them in each neighbourhood that it should be easy to get booze and bring it to me (granted I'm not that lazy cause Liquor Depot is pretty much a 5 min walk from my place, that and I kinda boycotted the store near me after they screwed around some great people that worked there), but that being said I'm willing to give these guys a shot but I wanted to ask them some questions in regards to this, which I will probably sit down and discuss things with them at a future date.

Hopefully they expand their area soon, but for now I have to wait 🙂

As stated earlier this is only at Liquor Depot which does have a vast selection, but they are expensive at times.  As well Liquor Depot does price match, I wonder if they would do that through Drizly too, and they have a discount for when you buy multiple bottles of single beers, I wonder if Drizly honors that too?

The other thing I have a question about is that Liquor Depot has their own delivery service.. granted it isnt an hour to get to your door, but liquordirect.ca is part of their company... and up in Edmonton they did do pick ups at the store... I wonder if this has cut into their business or if it has helped it a bit?

Liquor Depot does do Growlers too.. I wonder if Drizly will do Growler fills too for the Calgary area?
Just some of the questions that come to mind when I see this, but I still like the idea, and I know they have been in Edmonton since February so hopefully they do well here too.

So to Drizly Welcome to Calgary! I hope this does help some of the issues of drinking and driving... though.... to be honest, I doubt it.

You can find out more about them here: http://drizly.com/blog/about-drizly/

As well if you are in the selected area, you can get 10.00 off your first order if you use the code "CHEERSYYC" if you only spend 20.00 that is a good 50% off your first order... TIME TO GET DRUNK!

They dont have anything up about Calgary ... yet but I'm sure they will be working on it!

For now I'm PK saying Cheers and Stay Frosty, as well if you are in the area and you give it a try let me know how it is! I would love to find out!

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