Beer Review – The Muse & The Golden Promice – 6.5% ABV.

Hello boozers and welcome to what I like to say a very peaceful looking beer! Now for anyone to has had Cannery Brewery beers knows that they have a "standard" when it comes to their labels.  So when I saw this beer on the counter of Craft Cellars it really caught my eye.  However lets look at his beer more in depth.



As I said earlier this bottle is a little different than what they usually have.  They asked a artist to make this label Myron Campbell you can find more of the artwork from Twitter @Notsosimpleton. This label really spoke out in the way it pretty much had the picture and then the name of the beer "The Muse & the Golden Promise"  It truly is one of the better labels I have seen come out of Cannery in a while.  From the sounds of things it isn't the last we will see of these kind of labels from them either (My favorite is still the Wildfire IPA label from them so powerful and such a great beer to help support the firefighters!)




Pour and smell:


The pour was a not hazy golden pour with a finger worth of white head on it. Very pleasing to the eye for a Extra Pale Ale and just from the pour itself I was wanting to dive right into it.  The smell however really invited me to drink this beer, the suttle smell of hops and malts leaving behind a smell of sweet but bitter I started to pretty much drool with anticipation on this beer.  It was odd because I left it for a bit to make some food but as soon as I got to it I couldn't put it down and I had to have a sip.





This beer has almost everything I enjoy in a beer! from a Malty taste that gives a good start to a hoppy background that gives it a whole new level of citrus and leaves a bitter tone on your tongue.  This is something that you can either sip and enjoy or down in one sitting and go for another.  Granted being a 650 ml bomber it may not be best to do to many at once as the acidic notes of it will creep up on you after.

This beer is just as unique as the artwork on the cover for Cannery, and I thought this would be a seasonal but with the way the sales are going they decided to put this into the year round category with their other line ups.  This beer is something you need to grab, with the summer that we are going to have.. this will be a great beer to cool you down!

I give this beer a very strong 4 out of 5 as it really has the great taste, an awesome label, and just a great finish to the beer even for a 6.5% ABV. it tastes light!

For now though I'm PK saying Stay Frosty and Cheers!




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  1. I really liked this beer also. The label is amazing though Myron did an amazing job. He is a great artist and a great guy!
    • It was a great beer.. I want more of them for sure... to bad I have to many others to have :(

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