Iceberg Float Wrestling Journey: Back stage

Walking backstage with Painkiller Iceberg is stopped by one of the interview staff.


Reporter: Iceberg, people are out there are wondering what your thoughts of the first match you had were.


Iceberg: We have nothing but respect for Mickey's Beer. They bring it every time and this battle was no different. We'd been training for quite some time and were pleased with our performance but we were evenly matched. All we gotta say is "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and we're happy to team up with Mickey's.


Reporter: Well it appears you did just that and what a great start, Mickeys is well respected around here and by the looks of things you have earned his respect. Which means you have earned the respect of oth…..


*Voice from down the hall* WAIIIIIIT A MINUTE HERE!


Reporter, Iceberg and Painkiller all turn around to see Tuborg Green come and interrupt the interview.


Tuborg: What, you think you can just come into the ring, get friends and think you will just “Scoop” your way into the belt? DO YOU THINK YOU CAN?!?! Well I have news for you Ice cube Float, you will have to get through a lot of beers in order to do just that! Beers like ME!


Iceberg: Like you huh, well I’ve seen your style in the ring and is impressive, however, I don’t think it’d be too hard to cool you down!


Tuborg Green: You think so huh, I’m on my way to be the number one contender for the championship, you … you are just a newbie in this line of work, you don’t have the guts to take me on.


Iceberg: I do, in fact by the time you see how much guts I have, It will be too late… you will be put on ice, and all citrusy you won’t even know what hit you… but let me tell you what hit you… I DID, and you will KNOW the name Iceberg when I’m done with you!


Tuborg: How about you put your money where your mouth is! Thursday Night, you me in the squared circle, for a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH! Unless that is… you’re chicken!


Iceberg: I didn’t come to this league to be called Chicken! I came here to kick ass and make a great drink! Tuborg, you are NEXT on my list of beers! I’ll see you in the rink Thursday NIGHT!


The two combatants bunt heads and then head of in separate directions, PK and the reporter are left standing there.



Reporter: Well I guess that’s happening now




PK chases off after Iceberg as we wait till Thursday to see Tuborg Green VS Iceberg Float! Until then folks!

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