Cooking with Booze! Big Rock Honey Brown Lager Beer Jelly

Hello Boozers! Welcome to our first installment of “Cooking With Booze”. However I'm not really cooking with it, I'm just spreading it on toast, but I did toast the bread, so that counts as cooking, right? I tend to think so. It's a lazy Sunday! Cut me some slack!


This is something I picked up at Big Rock Brewery's gift shop. 5 dollars buys a small, 4oz jar, which seems a little steep for the price, but when it is a novelty like this there's nothing wrong with paying a little extra now and then. As I was talking with one of Big Rock's marketing reps they indicated that a third party came to them with the idea and asked if they could help make it happen. They agreed, and brought us two distinct flavors: Honey Brown, and Traditional Ale. I went with the Honey Brown due to the fact that I really like that beer, and trying the Jelly was a no contest choice for me.
So this product I got at Big Rock’s Brewery Gift shop and for a small 4oz. container I got it for 5.00 which seems a little steep for a jar, but when it is a novelty like this you would pay the price for something like this now and then. Talking with one of the marketing people at Big Rock it sounded like someone came to them with this idea and asked if they could help make this happen for them and they agreed.  They have three flavours, Honey Brown, Traditional Ale and IPA.  I went with the Honey Brown, due to I really like that beer and trying the Jelly was a no contest choice for me.


So how was it? Well, it was...different? I actually didn’t mind it, but it isn’t something I’d have on my toast every day. I spread it with margarine and that may have made it a little unbalanced. You could taste the honey, and then the ale, then it would switch back to the honey. It was an interesting sweet ale taste but without any carbonation involved. I’d like to try it again without any butter or margerine to see if it makes an impact on the flavor. I think it might make an interesting glaze for a roast ham, and I might try that someday soon; that might be the perfect paring for it.

Would I buy it again? Yeah, I probably would. It's a great novelty idea and I'd love to cook with to see how it fares. I’m giving this a 4/5 beer mugs: It is a great concept and completely new to the Big Rock Family.

If you want to get some you'll have to hit up Big Rock Brewery here in Calgary, or try to see if you can order it elsewhere, but if you're a fan of beer and beer related products, you won't want to miss out.

To check out Big Rock's website goto:

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For now I’m PK saying Stay Frosty and we will talk to you next time!

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