Booze reviews: Iceberg Float vs Mickeys Beer, a wrestling style review


Announcers voice: Welcome boozers to the main event of the night, it has been a battle that has been up and coming for some time now since the booze world has a new contender in the mix.  Since earlier this year one of these contenders has been making a splash in the beer world leaving its mark, and tonight it has been challenged by a beer that has been around for quite a few years!

So let's talk about tonight's contender. Coming from Evansville, Indiana weighing in at 325ml, and a middleweight 5.5%. Here is Mmmmmmmmmickeyyyys beer!!!

In the opposite corner out of Kelowna, BC. Weighing in a powerful 1.75L and a strong middleweight of 6.8%! The newcomer to the Booze World..... Iiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeebergggggggg Float!

Ring side Announcer: So here we are folks and we have a battle tonight, both contestants come out of their corners as the bell goes Mickeys un-screws his cap and shows a puzzle under it, sending iceberg stumbling back a bit. Iceberg shakes off the hit and solves it quickly catching Mickeys off guard with the puzzle being solved, iceberg takes advantage of this and rips off its lid showing its frozen slush to the crowd!

Iceberg then quickly calls for a glass and a spoon, Mickeys is still trying to recover and is starting to advance against Iceberg. Iceberg catches this out of the corner of its bucket and twists around using the spoon to trip up Mickey's. Mickey's loses his balance and Iceberg grabs the bottle and quickly powerslams Mickey's into the glass.

Mickey's is quickly losing its beer into the glass, it looks like it is game over for Mickey's!  20140504_213600

Iceberg float quickly grabs the empty bottle and tosses it into the corner.  The ref doesn’t know what to do! 

Hang on, what’s this, Iceberg float is calling for someone from the back! It’s PAINKILLER!! PAINKILLER is coming down to the ring!!

Painkiller steps into the ring and slowly looks over the carnage.  What is going on here?? The ref has tossed his hands up in the air and now he has left the ring, I don’t even think he has ever seen anything like this! Folks I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this in my days as a ring side announcer.

Iceberg Float picks up the spoon and hands it over to Painkiller.  Painkiller nods at Iceberg and grabs the spoon! Painkiller is now scooping some frozen treat from Iceberg and putting it into the Glass of Micky’s!  

Painkiller grabs the glass and takes a sip.  A big smiles comes over his face as he grabs a microphone.

Painkiller:  Ladies and Gentlemen, since the ref has left I personally am  declaring this match a DRAW!!!

The crowd gasps in the final result!

Painkiller: Hear me out! *Painkiller raises the glass of Mickeys and Iceberg mixed together!* This mix is really good together, with the way that the Mickey’s beer is it gives a bit of extra life to the Iceberg Float inside of it.  The vodka citrus you find in the Iceberg gives it a slight sour taste at the front end when you sip it. It doesn’t stick around though,  you find the beer takes it place and mixes very well with the Iceberg Float!  It turns it into a very powerful and very enjoyable summer beer that is chilled and flavored to perfection thanks to the Iceberg Float! It truly is a match that can be classed as the perfect  “Tag Team!”

With that being said I would like to announce the winners that is worthy of getting drunk of AND buying again!  The New Tag Team Partners of Mickey’s beer and Iceberg Float!

Fireworks explode at the top of the ramp as Painkiller drops the microphone and  leaves the ring while drinking the beer with Iceberg Float! 

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