Booze Review – Brouwerij De Molen – Rhythm & Blues Barrel Aged Barley Wine

Welcome to another Booze Reviews, today I have something that I was very hesitant about reviewing only because one of the beers we had from this company before.  Wasn’t really that great I’m talking about the Evil beer.

de molen

That beer wasn’t what it was cracked up to be, granted I heard if you let it age a bit more it goes get better.

However we are here to talk about Rhythm & Blues.


Now first off the label is pretty plain with just a white backdrop and lots of writing on it. One thing that stood out for me was “Enjoy within 10 years.”  TEN YEARS?!?!  Well then I had some time to have this.  However I had to have it because I was thirsty and you guys needed something from me. It is a 10.2% Barrel Aged Barley Wine that can last for 10 years.

So did Brouwerij De Molen redeem themselves with this beer? Well read on my boozers… read on.


So on opening the bottle you get a sweet bitter smell, like you would find out of a fruity wine.  Pleasant on the nose and not much for a beer style of smell you get with beers.


A cloudy orange colour with minimal head on it due to the low carbonation of it something you would expect coming out of a 10.2% beer


MY GOD! WHAT A TASTE! There is quite the compliment of bitter and sweet, that you got from the smell and the taste is right behind it as well.  No bitter bite after or bitter after taste. A VERY smooth beer and very wonderful on the palate.  This beer is quite amazing for a barley wine. As it is quite complex in taste and smell, it is very easy to drink and devour.  I had it with a herbed Chicken dinner and they complemented each other quite well.  It says that you should enjoy this beer around 8° C, I enjoyed it between 4° and 10° C and it was just as good!

This beer I would get drunk off of it and buy it again with no questions asked.

For now boozers this is PK saying Stay Frosty and we will see you next time!


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