Booze Reviews – Mill Street’s Lemon Tea Beer

Well here we are and it is March and the snow is still falling.  Yes it is typical for snow to fall in Alberta until May, however every now and then I need to find the beer to remind me that summer and warm weather is right around the corner.


This is totally the case with the Lemon Tea Beer:




Coming in at 5% this beer provides promise that it will be good just by the can it comes in. On first pour you can see that there is orange/yellow tinge to it, and the head is very full.  Don't let the cloudiness of the beer catch you off guard it does clear up over time.  The smell is like that of a lemon tea with a hint of ale.  Very pleasant to smell and makes you want to taste it all the more.


Upon first taste it has a subtle hint of a lemon Earl Gray Tea taste this quenches the palate quite well. The ale is quite full flavoured and it is very well balanced.  Once again showing that Mill Street really know how to make mixtures between two things you wouldn't think possible.


This easy drinking beer really does remind you of summer days and even though you are sitting back on your couch watching the snow fall drinking this beer takes all of the white stuff away outside and relaxes you into knowing you will soon be on a patio enjoying this very beer while cooking up a wonderful hunk of meat on the BBQ.


This beer I will be buying again and will attempt to get drunk off of it.  Due to the fact that it takes away the winter blues and leaves you with not only a great tasting beer, but a shortcut to summer!


Until next time I'm PK saying STAY FROSTY, and we will see you on the next show.

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