Booze Reviews Tour 2013 – Tour of the Vancouver Island Brewery

During my Booze Reviews Tour of 2013 I was invited to go and have a tour of one of the bigger breweries on Vancouver Island.  It was my very first ever tour of a brewery and I have to say it was a great experience.  We started off in the main lobby where they gave us a couple of the beers they have in stock year round.  As well explain the process of making them. From there they took us upstairs to the actual brewery.  Where they took us into three separate rooms, they told us how each room works, and what happens in them.  I'd like to tell you the full details, but hey that would be spoiling what they get to tell you.


They then took us back downstairs for two more tasters of their beer, including one of the seasonals they do.


Was it worth the money, YES it was!  It is one of the best experiences I have had, I even got to learn what the bumps on the bottles are.  They are very informative and well versed in what they do.


Granted VI Brewery isn't a full craft beer brewery per say they still make some great beers, and have their seasonal stuff come out where people want more and it sells out quickly, like the Herminator Ice Bock one of the most popular seasonals they bring out.


I have to say I would love to take the tour again and I would totally recommend it to anyone.  The group I had with my brother and myself was a bachelor party who were doing a brewery to brewery tour, it looked like they enjoyed it a lot.


So if you are in the Victoria area, and you need something to do since the most of the tourist stuff is disappearing, do a brewery tour, you will enjoy it a lot if you enjoy seeing how the beers are made!


For now I'm PK saying "Stay Frosty" and we will see you next time.

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  1. Ya Mon! Did this tour twice as an engineer, but not in the last ten years. They make good beer, but not elite. I give them ten/ten for everything except creativity. They are losing their way. Need to create something instead of brewing the same old.
    • I can agree, they need a bit more, but when you are making beers locally and not expanding out you can keep it the same. As I said they don't really do "craft" beers, but they do good beers. The Gingerbread beer was a little different but they have done it a couple of years so they are TRYING to expand? Beachcomber Summer Ale and Black Better is them starting to expand. Who knows we may see more.

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