Booze reviews: Big Rock’s Fowl Mouth


Booze reviews: Big Rock’s Fowl Mouth

Hello and welcome to another Booze Review! Today we another Big Rock beer for you! This one is first of the New Year and new labeling has an interesting quality to it!

The Fowl Mouth Extra Special Bitter is a 5.5% beer that well doesn’t seem like a bitter to me.  When I hear bitter I hear that it is a IPA quality so to speak.  Don’t get me wrong it is bitter to a degree but not in the way that you think it would be.  Let’s start from the outside and work our way in shall we?


Now with the NEW labels that Big Rock put on all there regular bottles it only goes to show that the new labels should stand out as well for any limited edition beers or any other beers for 2014, this carries on to the FM.  With a Rooster spewing profanity and the Foul Mouth ESB written in a way that a graffiti artist would be proud, the box art makes you want to pick it up and buy it right then and there.  It does truly stand out from the crowd of Craft beers out there.


Coming in a six pack of 330 ml bottles, it is a great idea to take to a party to start conversations with others because you know damn well the labeling will make people want to chat with you about where you got it and if you have tried it before or not. Great ploy and you can share it with your friends at the party if you want or just have them all to yourself!

The Beer:

This beer is good, not great by any standards but good.  You will find yourself drinking this beer quickly and wanting more. With a light head on it, you can tell there is the perfect carbonation to this beer


The smell is not the best on the first smell but you do get some spicy tones with it, but you also have the other smells that take you back a bit.


From hints of citrus to maybe a tart of the black currant the body of the beer, this beer even has a bit of spice that pops out more than the other two flavors.  As I said earlier it isn’t a bitter per say but it does have a bit of a bite to it that can be classed as a bitter beer, but a English style bitter beer.

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