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Chicken with a beer up its butt

With the summer slowly approaching it is almost full time BBQ season.  With that this is ONE of the great things I like to cook on the BBQ. For Best results look for a Beer Can chicken holder at a hardware store or cooking store. It really makes a world of difference when you have…
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Cooking with Booze! Big Rock Honey Brown Lager Beer Jelly

Hello Boozers! Welcome to our first installment of “Cooking With Booze”. However I'm not really cooking with it, I'm just spreading it on toast, but I did toast the bread, so that counts as cooking, right? I tend to think so. It's a lazy Sunday! Cut me some slack! This is something I picked up…
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Cooking With booze coming soon

BBQ season is coming soon which means we should be staring something here.  What is it.. well cooking with booze.  Beer, spirits or hard.  Look for some of our favorite foods to cook with booze!
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