Booze Reviews

Here you will find many Booze Reviews videos, from Beers, to wine, to spirits, to probably even cooking with booze!  So far this site is young so there are only a few here, but over time this area will be FILLED with great content! come back as much as you can and enjoy what we have to offer just for you!

  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 46 – 3 Fonteinen – Oude Geuze Golden Blend

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 46 – 3 F

    PK is back again and he has something for you all! A nice beer that will catch him off guard....


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 44 – Total Eclipse of the Hop

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 44 – Tot

    Johnny Oldschool is back again this time he is "Hopping" around with total "Eclipse of the Hop" from Howe Sound...


  • Booze Reviews – Episode 43 – Freyja’s Field

    Booze Reviews – Episode 43 –

    Look everyone! I'm not dead, and I still drink beer and make videos! Yay! (Seriously though this is a fucking...


  • Booze Reviews Ep. 42 – Unibroue Grande Reserve 17

    Booze Reviews Ep. 42 – Unibroue Gr

    So PK is still in Edmonton in this review.. he is still watching his Victoria Royals team in the playoffs,...


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 41 – Skull Splitter Ale

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 41 – Sku

    Pk is out of town and when he is.. he drinks. A LOT! After a night at the beer fest...


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 40 – Edmonton Beer Fest

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 40 – Edm

    HELLLLOOOOO EDMONTON!!! I managed to get myself to the Edmonton Beer Festival, drink a bit and still remember how to...


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 39 – Stag Apple Scotch Ale

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 39 – Sta

    Tin Whistle comes out again with another Beer this time there are deer in it. Ok maybe not deer, but...


  • Booze Reviews Ep. 38 – Tenaya Creek’s Monsoon IPA

    Booze Reviews Ep. 38 – Tenaya Cree

    Out of the land of the Neon Lights comes a IPA that seems to want to be different. How does...


  • Booze Reviews Ep. 37 – Frankenbrew #2 Nogne 0

    Booze Reviews Ep. 37 – Frankenbrew

    Well you knew it was going to happen just a matter of when.  Frankenbrew #2 is coming to you via...