Brewery Tour – Brewsters Pub and Brewery

Hello Boozers, a couple of weeks ago I got to have a wonderful tour at Brewsters Pub and brewery.

This tour was set up for me and a guest (however the guest had to back out) and I got to see all the workings of the brewery. Today I will share the pictures I got of the brewery.

Tour in Pictures! 


A Slogan I can get behind! 


I'm almost inside! 


But why would you have this entrance closed off? (Explanation in a bit)


Amazing building in the middle of the industrial District. 


There be beer in there! 


Surrounded by beer that I cant drink..... yet 🙂 


Behind that locked door.. the bottling line


They've expanded so much that they needed the old entrance for this beast!


The Amount of bottles it can do in a day is very impressive.


From filling to labeling to boxing it takes approx four guys to work this beast!


Yup I bet you cant tell what they finished off with! 


Inside the cooler! Thay are making more room for more products going out.


Hidden in the back corner.... MORE BEER!! 🙂


Mini mobile lab, good to make any home brewer jealous 🙂 


List of beers they have at the SE location, doesn't include what is in the bomber section.

This tour was amazing and there was so much to take in from how they get the carbonation into the beer to what they changed in some of their recipes  (I.E. adding a lot more coconut to the porter they have to give it more flavor).  From the GM being nice enough to get back to me and help me get this tour going to having Ryan give me a tour while he was working and taking the time out of his day to do that for me was amazing! It was a wonderful tour and I'm very glad I got to go check out one of their many breweries they have around Alberta, I would love to look at all the other places they have and I may just do that, so this will probably be a multi-part review so stay tuned.

So to everyone at the 5519 53 St. SE location I wanted to say Thank you for your time and giving me a wonderful tour of the second oldest craft beer brewery in Calgary! It was a great experience and I fully enjoyed it and I strongly recommend anyone to give these guys a call have a few brews and see if you can do a tour of their location to fully experience a great tour! I don't want to spoil all they have to share.. I hate doing that, so I say my reviews in pictures for you to just get a taste to want to see these breweries.

For now I'm PK saying Stay Frosty and Cheers!



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  1. Looks like you had fun. Keep visiting the local alberta breweries!
    • I plan on it :) There is quite a few I have on my list of breweries I want to go see! Cheers.

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